Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mitt & Mike's Religious War

Mormons and Southern Baptists have been at war since both were founded. Neil Young in Slate has and interesting article about their conflict.
  • Mormonism is the older, more established religion, founded in 1830. Southern Baptistism didn't exist until 1845.
  • They are both about the same size - Southern Baptists, 16 million; Mormons, 13 million.
  • They share the same racism market. Southern Baptistism was born to defend slavery in America. A central tenet of the Mormon faith is that black skin is a curse from God, the Mark of Cain.
  • They share the same sexism market. Southern Baptists insist that wives submit to their husbands. Mormons believe a woman can only go to heaven with her husband. If he couldn't cut it she is still stuck in hellfire with him throughout eternity. (Mormans and Women)
Since Southern Baptists and Mormons are competing in the same market niche (white men who want passive women) they are each aggressively selling their religionsin the other's territory. Southern Baptists have gone farther to publicize the more intriguing (curious, bizarre) aspects of the Mormon faith. Did you know, for example, that if you are really, really good (not "good" in an absolute sense, just a good Mormon) when you die you are made the god of your very own planet. All of the women you have married are compelled to go to that planet and serve you?


Starting To Learn said...

"A central tenet of the Mormon faith is that black skin is a curse from God, the Mark of Cain." -
hardly a central tenant of the current Mormon church, but was part of the general beliefs of 18th century America.

Also, Mormon theology states that everyone that accepts Christ and lives an honorable life will go to heaven regardless of marital status

The websites and are reliable source of actual LDS doctrine.

ed s said...

Knitterant - As soon as you become sick, or go through a personal crisis, you'll be on your knees. You are enjoying yourself now, making disrespectful comments, but when the sad times come you'll make only one comment and that will be to God - "Help me." It is one thing to offer intellengent aruments against the existence of God and anothe to engage in the nonsense you do. I pity you - you have so little of a life that you have time for this.