Monday, December 10, 2007

Heliocentricism Be Damned

Creationists are irreligious pikers compared to these guys. proved with exhaustingly simpleminded repetition that:
  • The Earth is the Center of the Universe (just like the Bible says);
  • The Sun, planets, and stars all revolve around the Earth;
  • The Mars Rover and all the planetary missions are NASA computerized frauds;
  • The stars are not huge objects in the vastness of space but little, tiny specks stuck into a Firmament like sprinkles on a birthday cake;
  • The entirety of the Universe is about eight billion miles across (one light day);
  • Including Heaven!
Accordingly, the story of a vast, infinite Universe with galaxies fifteen billion light-years distant is just a Jewish conspiracy to undermine the Christian faith. Makes the "cavemen playing with dinosaurs" theory look kind of quaint.


frxnkytruant said...

1) the bible never says anything about the earth being the center of the universe

2) no one has tried to say that anything (other than the moon) has orbited the earth for centuries

3) the concept of the mars rover (etc.) being a computurized fraud is more of a 'government conspiracy' theory rather than an argument posed by creationists

4) wherever you got information on this opinion is beyond me, the idea of the earth being in a giant black shell with twinkling lights around it is something i havent ever heard before.

im not a total creationist, or even a christian in that affect. i dont count myself in any religion (or obviously as an athiest/agnostic.) i believe in/worship God.
why is everyone (religious wackos and athiests alike) too damn stubborn and closed minded to believe that god manipulates science? or at the very least that god and science work together?
there are many theories to what happens, to how a natural occurance works, but not to WHY it works. as there is no crystal-clear explanation to the formation of the universe, why not theorize that god had CREATED the big bang? no one knows what made it bang in the first place, why not have a supernatural entity thrown into the picture?
the absence of evidence is NOT the evidence of absence.

side note: the only people that believe heaven is somewhere within our dimension (i.e. anywhere in the universe that a physical entity with the correct means of transport could reach) are children and the mentally disabled. personally, i believe it exists in a seperate plain of existence.
also: the universe isnt quite vast or infinite persay, but continually expands at the speed of light. so in a sense i suppose it is 'infinite', at least until a machine capable of moving faster than light itself is invented.


ed s said...

Knitterant - or whoever you are-

As soon as you become sick, or go through a personal crisis, you'll be on your knees. You are enjoying yourself now, making disrespectful comments, but when the sad times come you'll make only one comment and that will be to God - "Help me." It is one thing to offer intellengent aruments against the existence of God and another to engage in the nonsense you do. I pity you - you have so little of a life that you have time for this. But I also understand - when someone cannot find anything to be grateful for he or she becomes bitter, and 'curses' God.

ed s said...

What a stupid site.

Good bye!

Won't be visiting you any more.