Sunday, November 25, 2007

Why Sunday?

One could argue that God loves football and was just planning ahead. Or, perhaps, God is really into politics and wants to be able to kick back and watch all those political chat shows on Sunday mornings. Equally, one could argue that for Romans the worship of the Sun God morphed into Christianity and they took their Sun Day worship habits with them.

One thing is certain, Sunday is not the Sabbath of the Old Testament so all those Christians filing into church on Sundays are kicking that "observe the sabbath day and keep it holy" commandment in the teeth.

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Byron Arnold said...

I do not observe Sunday as the Sabbath, I observe it as the Lord's Day. According to the Bible and Christian tradition, it was Sunday morning that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead. The Didache (an early Christian document from the late first century or early second century CE) reveals that Christians have observed Sunday as the Lord's day since at least that time. The early Christians observed both the Sabbath on Saturday and the Lord's Day on Sunday. But as Christianity began to become a predominantly gentile faith, they began to drop observance of the Sabbath and only observe the Lord's Day. The Sabbath was given to the Jewish people as a sign, and is not applicable to the gentiles.