Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Malaria Question

Consider the malaria protozoa (left). Flying creatures, birds and mosquitoes, were created on day five. Everything else, including man, was slapped together in a hurry on day six. Between crafting elk and mole rats He constructed a small tube of protoplasm specifically designed to murder millions of humans, mostly children, every year.

Malaria is a human parasite. It doesn't bother with cows or chickens, it will only use human blood cells to reproduce. The mosquito is merely the trolley it uses to travel from victim to victim. For pure heartless butchery, malaria is master of the world. No human despot, not Hitler nor Stalin nor Mao, can match the human suffering of this creation of God. One to three million dead, half a billion sick, every year.


Anonymous said...

I did not know that malaria only reproduces with human cells, it is like when one buy viagra and a woman use it, I dont think she will feel anything.

josh said...

Well if you are a theistic evolutionist such as myself, you might recognize that the Lord merely created the universe and set its laws in motion eventually leading to the evolution of the human race, therefore not necessarily designing the malaria disease. All of the posts I've seen on this blog are not in depth. They sound like an angry teenage rebel that likes to rant and doesn't do much serious research.