Thursday, January 10, 2008


Teeth are yet another proof that man is not made in the image of God. They decay, rot, crack, chip, hardly the work of divine creation. Can you imagine God in a celestial dentist's chair getting fitted for dentures? If God was doing things right, we would have shark teeth in out mouths. Row upon row of teeth ready to replace any that get lost or damaged.


ed s said...

As soon as you become sick, or go through a personal crisis, you'll be on your knees. You are enjoying yourself now, making disrespectful comments, but when the sad times come you'll make only one comment and that will be to God - "Help me." It is one thing to offer intellengent aruments against the existence of God and anothe to engage in the nonsense you do. I pity you - you have so little of a life that you have time for this.

Rjew said...

@Ed s
Go and take your pathetic pride elsewhere, This is an opinionated obviously non-devout blog, if you don't like it go and live in the dark ages.

Rjew said...
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